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I care about what matters most – YOU!

About Moonia

Moonia Perez is a licensed esthetician and the owner and founder of Beauty By Moonia, the premier center for esthetic services in Jacksonville, FL. Moonia’s areas of specialization include Facials, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, and Makeup Applications. She also holds the Obagi Master Certification from the Obagi Medical skincare line.

Beauty by Moonia is the best when it comes to Bridal Makeup. We specialize in makeovers for weddings and other formal occasions, but we can also accommodate a more casual look too! Beauty by Moonia not only helps you be more confident in your own skin, but we also want to help you realize just how beautiful and special you are. You deserve self care which is why Beauty by Moonia strives to empower it!

Discover the beauty within, because looking good isn’t always about what’s on the outside.

Beauty by Moonia is a place where you can find the beauty within. Your needs and concerns are a top priority for me. Everyone is different, and everyone deserves confidence.

Beauty is more than just what we see on the outside. Self-care is self-love and self-love comes from within. I am here to ensure your beauty is both.

I care about what matters most – YOU!

– Moonia

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